Date and time simulation software applications

Softdate date and time simulation (DTS) testing allows you to seamlessly launch all of your enterprise apps into Production with maximum confidence across Microsoft Windows, all varieties of Linux/Unix, IBM zEnterprise z/OS and with full compliance with HP, Oracle and other vendors competing in the Cloud.



Many programs have features that are activated only under certain date and time conditions, such as: end of month, end of quarter or end of year or leap year; policy anniversary; bond maturity; overdue payment; license expiry. Plus many more time and date sensitive applications’ logic.

Deployment of our products and services is easy, and our customer references are extensive in nearly every industry and both federal and provincial governments.

The antiquated DIY (Do It Yourself) DTS testing is now so outdated with sophisticated, modern, digital applications your Return on Investment using Softdate is unbeatable, whatever hourly rate you are paying to your app development and testing services folk.

Testing application program behavior with dates that are significant in their processing cycles is an essential requirement for Application QA in enterprise ecosystems, where maximization of system quality, performance and the minimization of total cost of ownership is paramount. In a modern SOA environment it is crucial to date and time test suites of apps in a seamless manner so they are synchronized date- and time-wise, whatever platform they may reside. DTS testing reduces data risk, provides data protection and removing certain data failures when the data is in production.

Uniquely in the industry, Softdate/z for z/OS fully supports enterprise initiatives with its z/OS UNIX Systems Services, Java and WebSphere Application Server support for both 31-bit and 64-bit environments and much more exclusive industry-firsts.

As one Softdate/z exclusive is support today for Beyond-2042 where the IBM mainframe clock stops in 2041. IBM is well aware of this and will resolve it but today it is a serious risk for you today but you can now test your long-term policies and long-dated contracts such as:
• Life insurances, trauma insurances, children’s insurances, superannuation’s
• 30, 40, 50 and 100 year mortgages and leases

Softdate is the only way to minimize business risks all the way to the end of these long-term contracts with many contracts already beyond 2041.

Likewise, Softdate/w for Windows and Softdate/x for Linux/UNIX provide the most advanced DTS testing for extra data protection for the apps and associated databases, such as SAP, Oracle, etc.

And, you can DTS test your suites of apps across multiple platforms by combining the Softdate DTS Suite together with SETS (Softdate Enterprise Time Synchronization); there is no other solution. The Softdate suite is unique and exclusive.

Global Time Zone Virtualization

‘Global Time Zone Virtualization’ is a key way to consolidate production data center applications using Softdate/z to support business users in different time zones.

With Softdate you can use software date and time simulation to make life easier and save a lot of money by removing the need for special IBM z/OS LPARs when catering for business communities in different time zones – while still maintaining the very high integrity of critical z/OS-based application date and time stamps.

Time Zone Virtualization of z/OS-based data centers makes it simple and inexpensive to show local time to different groups of users who may be in widely dispersed geographic locations and time zones. That is, you can have virtual ‘Different Times/Different Places’ for both production systems and testing. With Softdate/z you can easily choose Application-level virtualization with full support for modern multisystem environments such as Parallel Sysplex, CICS MRO and CICSplex, and IMSplex.

With the ongoing consolidation of data centres, often as a result of outsourcing, SoftDate/z becomes increasingly valuable by allowing users to always see their local date and time for their locale, independent of the current physical location of their data centre. This simulated virtual time zoning can be run at the user-level with applications running under CICS, TSO, IMS and WebSphere Application Server. The users can view their own times in real time and/or run specific applications at any chosen time zone. IBM mainframes systems become even more efficient with Softdate GTZV, check out the ROI.

Softdate gives programmers reassurance

• Avoids exponential growth in date and time logic errors.
• Reduces complexities.
• Maximizes Programmer & Tester productivity.
• Provides risk-free testing in a virtual world.
• Tests for the unexpected in easy and automated ways.
• Reduces costs, better ROI and easier TCO.

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