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Date and Time simulation

Date and Time Simulation (DTS) software lets you certify your applications for correct date and time logic by allowing you to test them on apparent future dates and times.  Date and time logic is heavily embedded in most business applications.  For example, certain events must take place at start of week, end of month, policy anniversary, payment due date, and so on.  There are many hundreds of such examples.

It is essential that application behavior on these significant future dates and times is tested in order to ensure application quality and reliability when in Production.  DTS software helps you do this by letting you set “virtual system clocks” for the applications to be tested.  To these applications it appears that the simulated date and time is the true system date and time.  However the actual system dates and times are not altered, and other work running on the same physical or virtual system is unaffected.

Strategic use of time travel testing for your applications is critical to application quality and stability and delivers positive contributions to your bottom line whilst protecting your business, assets and your people.

The Softdate Suite

The Softdate Data Protection Suite is the premier product set for enterprise DTS testing.  It is totally unique in supporting all major enterprise platforms, with:

• Softdate/z for IBM mainframe z/OS
• Softdate/x for all Linux/Unix varieties
• Softdate/w for Microsoft Windows

and is the unequalled leader in features, advanced technology, performance, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Softdate/z was developed in the 21st Century by experts in complex IBM MVS Y2K environments, where tools such as HourGlass, TICTOC (Application Time Facility), Compuware’s Xpediter Xchange, ASG ValidDate and DTS Simulate 2000 were in use.  The design brief for Softdate/z was to transform time travel testing for the emerging IBM z/OS and SOA world, where sophisticated levels of virtual time travel are a necessity.

The companion products Softdate/w and Softdate/x were developed based on customer demand, which was driven by the lack of satisfaction with existing heterogeneous DTS solutions.  DDV has always made it a practice to add extra facilities to our products based on customer requests.

Deployment of Softdate products and services is simple, and we have extensive customer references in areas such as federal government, provincial government, banking, chemicals, financial, health, insurances, manufacturing, resources, telecommunications, transport, utilities, plus outsourcers on behalf of clients.

Distribution and support

The Softdate Suite is developed, marketed and supported by DDV technologies, with quality distributors and partners worldwide.

Our support and consultancy capabilities are comprehensive, and DDV staff work on a regular basis with organizations both on site and from our own facilities.

Softdate has distributors and agents in the following countries:

Hong Kong

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States of America



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