Specifications of softdate date simulation software

Date and time simulation for IBM z/OS SOA by Softdate/z is more comprehensive than ALL other date and time simulators on z/OS. Softdate/z supersedes them all as does Softdate/w for Windows and Softdate/x for Linux/Unix. Don’t be fooled by old technology and highly advanced prices.


SoftDate/z is tried and proven date and time simulation software - without an equal or equivalent – allowing developers to simulate and test time sensitive applications with any past or future dates and times.

Hardware: all zSeries hardware compliant with IBM z/OS Operating System.
Operating Systems: all z/OS versions and backwards to v1.4; both 31-bit and 64-bit.
Parallel Sysplex: fully Parallel Sysplex-ready, CICSplex, IMSplex
Sub-Systems: all batch, CICS TS, IMS TM (including FastPath), UNIX Systems Services (USS), TSO, WebSphere Application Server versions and backwards,
Databases: all versions of DB2 (31-bit and 64-bit); unique fully nested DB2 Stored Procedure support, SoftwareAG ADABAS.
Languages: all versions of IBM Language Environment (C, C++, COBOL, PL/I, Fortran, Assembler…), SoftwareAG Natural.
Java Language IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS Java 2 Technology Edition V7.0.0, V6.0.1. V6.0.0 and V5.0.0.
Java Language IBM 31-bit SDK for z/OS, Java 2 Technology Edition, V7.0.0, V6.0.1. V6.0.0 and V5.0.0.

Multi-platform testing across z/OS clusters, Windows and Linux/Unix.
Java language option including integration with z/OS WebSphere Application Server, CICS, batch, USS and IMS applications.
WebSphere Application Server option for z/OS sub-systems.
z/OS UNIX Systems Services (USS) option for Unix systems being migrated to IBM zSeries.
Fully extended DB2 Stored Procedures nesting, allowing you DB2 SP’s as middleware with other platforms such as AIX in the SOA-world.
Parallel Sysplex-ready allowing automatic synchronization of job rules, CICS rules and IMS rules across a cluster of mainframe systems.
CICS MRO (Multi-Region Operation) where setting a simulated date or time under CICS is exactly as simple in an MRO environment as it is with a single region.
z/OS zSeries 64-bit environments. Support for applications specifically exploiting 64-bit storage above the 2-gig bar and those that exploit it indirectly via facilities in the latest levels of systems software (such as Language Environment, DB2, USS, Java and WebSphere Application Server).

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