softdate date & time simulation software

Time Travel DTS (date and time simulation) Testing & Production Data Protection for the IBM z/OS SOA ecosystems (Softdate/z), all Linux/Unix variations (Softdate/x) and Microsoft Windows (Softdate/w). Cloud computing is made easier by utilizing Date & Time Simulation software for testing or production time travel.


The Softdate Date & Time Simulation (DTS) Data Protection Suite is the unique and premier software solution for IBM z/OS, all Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows systems and applications executing in the 21st Century.

Softdate/z functions as a virtual time machine across IBM’s z/OS batch, TSO, CICS, IMS (including FastPath), DB2, UNIX Systems Services (USS), SAP, WebSphere Application Server & Java, including the Anaconda/Python port by IBM and Rocket Software. Plus, full SoftwareAG ADABAS and Natural language support.

Softdate/w provides full support of all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Oracle DB, SQL Server, SAP, WAS, and more.

Softdate/x provides full support of all Linux/Unix OS variations and associated database, 3rd party apps and more.

The Softdate Suite provides heterogeneous and seamless time travel of enterprise apps with SETS (Softdate Enterprise Time Synchronization) from a single workstation.

Whether you are using Softdate for DTS in advanced quality assurance testing or Global Time Zone Virtualization (GTZV) in Production you can be assured Softdate is always up-to-date with the latest vendor software levels. Softdate also stands alone with its support for SOA initiatives via its advanced, unique support for UNIX Systems Services (USS), Java, WebSphere Application Server and Anaconda/Python for z/OS. Only Softdate allows you to synchronize DTS across z/OS, Windows, Linux/Unix and other systems via our specialized Suite facilities; life in the Cloud is far from cloudy.

With over 30 time zones across the globe, some with 15, 30 and 45 minutes differences, z/OS and companion systems support can be complex.  Supporting your mainframes under SOA and across multiple time zones is a costly business, often with concerns about UCT, GMT and Daylight Savings Time so you need DTS time travel software you can rely on. Softdate is tried and proven – without an equal or equivalent – allowing developers to simulate and test time sensitive applications with any past or future dates and times.

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The criticality of date processing

Date-dependent processing is as important as ever in the on-demand, SOA world.


Date-dependent processing is universal across a wide variety of applications in all industry segments and is as important as ever in the on-demand, SOA world. Today, using z/OS mainframes as an example, applications serve Business Process Management across multiple platforms using de facto standards such as DB2 Stored Procedures, SQL, Java and XML. This BPM integration requires exact date and time consistency to ensure results are reliable for rapidly expanding user communities, reducing risk to the minimum. Data risk and data protection are a must to avoid data failures.

Softdate is the most technologically advanced suite in the market, providing unique and exclusive features simply unavailable elsewhere. For example, under z/OS Softdate/z provides unique Parallel Sysplex support, CICS MRO (Multi Region Operation) support, z/OS 64-bit support for data above the 2-gig bar, Java language support for all execution environments (e.g. batch, CICS, IMS, WebSphere Application Server for z).

Softdate/w and Softdate/x are likewise unique in many ways, unheard of in the sophisticated world of Windows and Linux/Unix.

There are no equivalents, wherever you are.

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